Gregorian Masses

Gregorian Masses are a series of thirty Masses celebrated without interruption of days for the soul of one specified person. This website is devoted to preserving and promoting this time-honored Catholic tradition of prayerful remembrance of the deceased.

Sooner or later, all of us will suffer the loss of a loved one. The departed may be patiently awaiting our prayers to liberate their soul into heaven. Most people know little about souls in Purgatory. Still more are fearful because contemporary culture demeans its importance or its mere existence! However, for the faithful, the last lines of the Holy Bible offers this: ‘our merciful Lord has provided ‘time for purification’ for  those not holy enough to enter heaven and be in His Glory.

You are invited to add your beloved to our registry, so we may pray for them, as they can no longer pray for themselves.

~Add deceased loved one to memoriam registry – for those especially dear to you. Add memorial remembrance in our registry so others can join you in prayer for the repose of a loved one’s soul. They will be eternally grateful to all who helps them. May God bless you for your loving concern.

~ Prayers
Links to Prayers for Holy Souls
Links to Prayers for Souls in Purgatory


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