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Please pray for these souls.

Join with our online community in prayer for the repose of the souls of our fellow faithful. Your prayers will help lift these souls into Heaven.

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First NameLast NameStateCountryDate of deathMemoriam message
Joseph Yap Hawaii USA 03/05/2014 May God have mercy on his soul
Agnes Yap Hawaii USA 06/06/2014 Pray for a God's mercy on her soul
Paul V Howard IL USA 05/19/2003 Peace my soulmate!
LoAnna Casale Illinois USA 02/20/2014 Peace, my friend
patrik JPlhHbPcShvQmX NY USA 04/27/1970 2rand[0,1,1]
Maria Olsen MN USA 01/20/2013 May your soul be lifted in heaven
Brett Rogers IL USA 01/03/2014 You are remembered for your big heart & your passion for learning and was especially interested in music and art.
S Peterson IL US 01/09/2012 Rest in peace neighbor

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